Distribute Purdi

Distribute Purdi

Purdi started as an idea – “Toilet Roll can make people feel good.”
We are looking for Purdi distributors to spread this idea across the UK.

Who Makes Purdi?

Purdi Toilet Rolls were created from an idea by Fourstones Paper Mill. One of the UK’s oldest family run paper factories. So old in fact, we were established in 1763 (13 years before the USA existed!).

Fourstones not only manufactures gigantic paper ‘parent reels’ but is also an experienced supplier of AFH (away from home) tissue paper products. Servicing distributors across the UK from beauty, catering & hygiene wholesalers to loved public institutions such as the NHS.

We see the value in growing with our local communities, suppliers and distributors.

Get In Touch

To find out how you can become a Purdi distributor;
Visit: http://www.fourstonespapermill.co.uk