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Made in the UK

Each luxuriously soft roll of Purdi is made in the UK

FSC Certified

Using sustainably and ethically sourced FSC® Paper

Love, Purdi

With a delicate touch of Purdi to make it extra special.

Our Purdi Products

Perfectly Soft toilet roll package sitting on plush sofa

Purdi Perfectly Soft

Striking and long lasting, Purdi Perfectly Soft rolls gentle comfort into every sheet.

Perfectly Quilted toilet roll package sitting on marble surface

Purdi Perfectly Quilted

Indulge yourself with Purdi Perfectly Quilted's exquisite first class softness.

Kind Softness facial tissue package sitting on desk

Recycled Facial Tissue

Luxury meets sustainability, keeping that soft and special feeling.

Find out how Purdi helps the whole family stay...

Purdi uses thick and strong FSC® paper to help provide that feel good softness you expect from luxury toilet tissue. Our elegant bespoke emboss is delicately rolled into every single sheet, giving you the smooth and gentle softness that will be appreciated by all your loved ones (and you!).

Purdi is made to make you feel good and nothing beats the confidence of feeling clean, that’s why every single sheet is long and indulgently thick. Giving you those fearless vibes to help you take on the rest of your day.

Move over “Live, Laugh, Love.” Purdi is here to share real positivity.  Our fun packaging and elegant emboss offers the very best in feel good tissue to liven up your every day to day routine. Soft, clean and feeling Purdi!