Our Purdi Promise

Our Purdi Promise is our mission towards a more sustainable future.

Close-up of FSC Product Mark on Kind Softness facial tissue package

Sustainable Paper

Every roll of Purdi is made from sustainably and ethically sourced FSC® certified paper. Being FSC® certified guarantees responsible sourcing of raw materials used in Purdi whilst combating illegal deforestation and unethical manufacturing practices.

Map of United Kingdom with red pin over Fourstones Paper Mill in Northumberland

UK Manufacturer

Purdi is made exclusively in the UK following strict environmental and human rights regulations. This means lower emissions from transportation, stricter energy usage policies and better employee welfare rights. Making every roll that much better.


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Purdi is manufactured by Fourstones Paper Mill. An industry leading paper manufacturer with decades of paper experience. Specialising in recycled paper, Fourstones invests heavily in sustainable infrastructure projects to make the world a better place.

We are

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Commited to making Purdi more sustainable.